Sans Lyrics Vol. 3

by John Tabacco

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber This is another lost and found item from the gaping abyss of my wishlist. The extent of John Tabacco's album archive on Bandcamp is real impressive, and "Sans Lyrics Vol. 3" is just a tiny glimpse of the vast amount of treasures to be found there. As can be read here and there in the abundant liner notes of his releases, his main influences are Frank Zappa and Donald Fagen. This album puts clear emphasis on the former - peek into "Today's A Holiday" on "Suburban Hermit", for instance, for an example of the latter. Since this is "Vol. 3", there's some probability that "Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2" exist as well. And yep, they do! They have to stay on my wishlist for now, hopefully not vanishing into oblivion like their successor. I'm purchasing steadily, but slowly, since I don't just buy stuff - I really listen to it! And unfortunately, the day still has got 24 hours only, despite scientists busily attempting to extend it... Favorite track: To Be Continued (Movements 1 & 2).
Sirka 00:39
Hawley Pogo Folly (free) 06:06
Cry A Jag / Pilloweese (free) 03:26
ECHOES OF LALO V.C. (speaking in tongues) : Ah, Abbashanderaeoul beaconderay besheen duh mahsaw. Row kay tee be shand mon so da ma ma sahh Ahh, many me shindome, me shindome, me shindome, me cher Ahh, father release, release the annointing!
Latin Looks 03:40
IYLTGO 02:22
Funky Aroma 02:41
Video :
Tuna breath zip cat meow yow yow Tuna breath zip cat chow chow chow...
HARMONICA STARTLED CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI Patricia Amendolia : Hi! I'll take an order of the startled chicken and broccoli, (hold the glass). And for starters I'll have a strawberry Luweese chaser with a splash of lemony pledge. And I thank you very much.
An edited version of this piece has a video connected to it at :


Sans Lyrics Volume 3, is a collection of instrumental recordings that were for the most part realized from 2009 - 2015 at Suburban Hermit Studios II. Some of them were originally included on the now discontinued CD, "Gaga Over The S.O.P."

Recorded, mixed and edited by : JT
Drums, Guitar, Bass, Programming : JT
Danny Lipsitz : Sax
V.C. : Preaching
Patricia Amendolia : Absurd voice over

Spider Mechanics video:


released October 19, 2014

Recorded, mixed and edited by : JT
Drums, Guitar, Bass, Programming : JT
Danny Lipsitz : Sax on "Toujours"
V.C. : Preaching
Patricia Amendolia : Absurd voice over
Christopher Pati : Guitar

Cilla-Sigh-Been-Gum Piano
JT : Yamaha Disklavier™
V.C. : Dialog
The piano was recorded at Sonic Underground Studios, Stony Brook, NY in 1998.
The dialog was recorded at Suburban Hermit Studios II, Stony Brook, NY in 2008.

IYLTGO was recorded and mixed at President's Street Studios, Centerport, NY
The program used was Reason™

Logic Pro™ was the sequencer used in conjunction with Mark of the Unicorn's
MOTU 828
Monitors : Event
Headphones : Beyer 770 Pro

This collection was SA3 Mastered by JT

Cover design © 2014 by Farben Fosfeen Art Werks


all rights reserved



John Tabacco Stony Brook, New York

John Tabacco is a composer, singer-songwriter, producer, recording engineer, and visual artist.

Like an unfolding musical diary / puzzle, Tabacco’s music and art are constantly being re-worked, juxtaposed and intertwined.

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