Various Recordings in the Covid 19 Era

by John Tabacco



Music written and or recorded in 2020.


released April 5, 2020

JT : Programming, Guitar etc...
Recorded and Mixed at Suburban Hermit Studios II
Stony Brook, NY


all rights reserved



John Tabacco Stony Brook, New York

John Tabacco is a composer, singer-songwriter, producer, recording engineer, and visual artist.

Like an unfolding musical diary / puzzle, Tabacco’s music and art are constantly being re-worked, juxtaposed and intertwined.

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Track Name: Words Of Wisdom

Meet her - it all depends on how you treat her
You see, the pressure points are sensitive and sore
Eat her - you’d be so lucky just to greet her
The moment that you open up her door

Words of wisdom - hide ya feelings
Keep your comments toward the ceiling
Never let her see the cards you hold

Speeder he used to run just like a cheetah
He'd slide down the hall until he hit the chair with his head
Mother - she told’em slidings gonna bleed ya
And it’s worse than pulling staples from your hand

Words of wisdom - listen slowly
The message here is more than holy
Never look a gift horse in the eye
And here's why...
Track Name: So Sorry

You say I’m sorry, I’m just waiting for my time
Yeah, you repeat that depressing line
When I bring your pills and cup of coffee
Night and Day

You’re sorry
Your so depressed about your life
You want to die but you can’t get it right
You feel so hopeless but your will to fight is still in the air

Why struggle, when will you see
That when it’s time to give up you will be
Ready to take that final step with ease
And you’ll be free of all this pain and misery

So sorry
Those crippling stings that run through your hands
That prevents you from creative plans
Can only be felt by us when you're crying

Oh so sorry
That you think I hate you being around
When all I wanna do is make you feel sound
And able to free yourself from these chains that bind you

Forgive me
Sometimes I’m harsh
You make me repeat myself – it’s so annoying
You’re shutting down
It’s hard for me to face that it’s come down to this
tortured reality

I’m sorry
I can’t help you - you are on your own
But soon you’ll find your way back home
And if you don’t go into the light that’s ok
I wouldn’t blame you

I mean how many times do you have to come back here and suffer?
Time to move on…

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